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Windshield Repair
$50+ per repair (depending on size of damage)
with 50% off each additional repair
Headlight Restoration $80-$100 per set
Paint Touch Up $50+
Windshield repair is a structural repair, meaning the star, bullseye, or crack will not be able to
spread and become worse.  It maintains your original windshield, which is best for your car
(replacing a windshield can cause rusting if not installed properly and the glass used in the
replacement industry is a lower quality glass than the original manufacturer's). The repair consists of
drilling a small hole in the damaged area and filling it with resin.  After curing, all that is left is a small
dot about the size of the tip of a sharpie, that is semi-opaque. But, again, the repair is preferable
over replacement and returns the structural integrity to the windshield. Also, your insurance
company may reimburse you for the repair. For best results, the bullseye or star should not be
more than 6 months old and the cracks should not be more than 1 month old.  Otherwise,
contamination may have already settled in the damaged area and the repair will not be as
unnoticeable.  But, the damage will not spread or become worse.
OCD can easily repair paint chips, nicks, scratches, rust spots, and bumper scuffs with proven,
professional techniques that our staff has been professionally trained on. We match the paint of
your car exactly and mix the paint ourselves with specs given by your vehicle's unique VIN number.
This is important because many companies use paint touch up kits they can buy at the store and
although many car manufacturer's sell what appears to be the same color cars (even black and
white cars), they are slightly different and the color won't properly blend in, leaving a slight
difference in color and a big difference to you.
Restore your headlights to new showroom finish. Clouded, Hazed, Yellowed, Discolored, Fogged,
Frosted? Whatever you want to call it, we can fix it.
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